Matters of the Mind, LLC d/b/a Vaultage (M.O.T.M. Vaultage) was founded in 2013 by Mrs. Angela Harper. Angela - a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) & Maryland Approved Clinical Supervisor - is Certified in the areas of Clinical Tele-Mental Health and Clinical Anxiety Treatment. Currently, M.O.T.M. Vaultage is located in Baltimore Maryland. Our company’s mission remains timeless as we strive for continuity in empowering others, to pursue inner peace, and fully discover the true value within oneself and throughout the community.


Matters of the Mind LLC, we believe in the body-mind-spirit connection. We recognize the spiritual nature of life, health, and healing along with complete wellness. Our focus is to be of moral support that will guide and inspire one’s healthy mindset, along with a healthier body. Through this process, we believe that the connection will be sound. Matters of the Mind, LLC is an educational and healing platform where we strive to be a safe space for our members’ growth and transformation.


Our mission is to promote a positive sense of self-esteem and overall wellness where connecting generations is transgenerational. The connections through our therapy sessions, supports our purpose and allows all things possible when it comes to our members’ mental health. Our relationships with our members define and expands a portion of who we are and what we do.


Matters of the Mind, LLC is committed to each members’ growth, healing, and complete wellness. Our therapists are well-trained and committed to the changing needs of our followers and members. The essential success of our company relies on a strong commitment to our community to facilitate each interaction with empathy and understanding the needs of each individual.


A vital component of our organization’s values is cultivating healthy conversation, which is necessary to develop an understanding between us and our members. We, at Matters of the Mind, LLC, listen with the intent to understand. With the information we collect, it is our intent to be able to, not only meet the needs of our members, but to exceed the expectations of all.


Matters of the Mind, LLC d/b/a Vaultage has a responsibility to safeguard information obtained during counseling and within our media platforms. All identifying information about your assessment and treatment is kept confidential, except as mandated by law. You must sign a release of information before any information about you is given to anyone, except as mandated by law.

Change is constant and technology is evolving daily - challenging how the behavioral health industry meets the needs of their community. Parallel to this direction, Matters of the Mind has recently transitioned primarily into a Tele- Mental Health service. Our reasoning for doing so is to address the mental health concerns of the community virtually.  

While adhering to our current climate, our members will be afforded the opportunity to receive Passionate, Professional Care and Concern from licensed and clinical professionals. The flexibility that Matters of the Mind extends to our members provides them with a safe and trusting experience, while decreasing the ever-increasing costs of healthcare.

Matters of the Mind now provides access to a growing panel of Tier One Professional Therapists. Our Therapists are equipped with a mission to change specific areas of mood as well as emotional conflict. This is done within the skill set of empathy alongside a professional approach inclusive of evidence – based interventions. We do this in the most cost-efficient manner, where leveraging technology is a norm. 

With our 24-hour telehealth system, we match you with a “You-Matter Clinical Professional”. Each individual is highly trained and licensed in specific areas of mental health with a mindful approach to holistic therapy. We incorporate eclectic interventions that are goal-focused with strategic outcomes, which ultimately builds a positive sense of self. With holistic therapy being utilized in many arenas, our approach is broadened, where alternative measures have proven to be successful 
Our groups of “You-Matter Clinical Professionals” are committed to bringing you a safe, non-judgmental, supportive, and healing environment, which will guide you through the therapy session. Our services are tier one, garnished with quality customer service, dependability, and uniqueness.

Our company operates a media department under VAULTAGE that works together to assist members with the opportunity to gain holistic appreciation as they go through the healing journey. Using colors, graphics, short stories, documentaries, and a host of other tools, we aim to facilitate a forward-thinking therapeutic perspective for our followers - and potential members - while promoting generational cognitive wellness. Our model is designed to address the needs of individuals within and throughout generations. Our Niche connects the likeness of “Baby Boomers aka The Silent Generation, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z.

M.O.T.M. Vaultage continues to be a place where the beacon of healing and the electricity of therapy can reach the community at large; while introducing psycho-education with a modality of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Holistic Treatment, inclusive of mindfulness and a twist of artistic creativity. 

Core Values


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