At some point on this journey you'll hit a mark where you are in between, in between the version of yourself you want to be and that dusty version you wish would just take a hike. At this crossroads, there is a pulling. Your soul is open and seeking. Your old self is desiring for you to come back, to indulge in those cravings and addictive habits. That version of self is so damaging. Damaging because it's laced with temporary fixes with lasting injuries. I mean yeah, the times were great in the moment but what about the day, the months, the years after?! You'll still battling thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions from that version of you. The bitterness, rage, regret...the TATTOO!?. YES ....that old version comes with old crap! It might be covered in glitter but it still stinks! And it's why you're here now trying to process and get healing. All of the baggage you are finally unpacking should not be taken on the next leg of this journey. So now enter your new self. The self that accepts the old you but doesn't allow it a seat at the table. But there is a catch, you have to fight for this self. But why wouldn't you? Your new self is full of light and growth. The new you is sound and stable. It accepts its flawed yet awesome self. There is joy there. Wisdom belongs to the new you. The new you is begging you for the love of God to choose it! It's down on bended knees asking, you to say yes. SAY YES! In this space, intentionality and clarity are center points as this crossroad - first with yourself, then with those around you. This is a time to be cautious and calculated. Slow down. Ground. Go back to the basics. So at this crossroad, in this space of openness and vulnerability which will you choose? Will you default to old comforts? Or will you fight like hell to get to the other side? WELLNESS MOMENT: The Principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  

  1. Psychological problems are at least partly based on faulty or unhelpful thought patterns.

  2. Psychological problems are at least partly based on patterns of unhelpful behaviors that are learned.

  3. People that deal with psychological problems can learn better coping strategies that will relieve their symptoms and lead to happier, healthier lives.

The premise behind cognitive behavioral therapy is to get people to change their thinking patterns.  -  Are you thinking properly when you arrive to your crossroad? Would you like help with your thoughts? Let us hear your voice, our community wants to hear from you!


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