QVC: A Singles' Soiree live on Zoom

Updated: Jun 12

Hey M.O.T.M Community! Its Quentin, you may know me from the StoryTelling community via my blogs. I hope that they are touching you and resonating with you in some way. I know that some of us who are not in a relationship or aspiring to be in a relationship may need some support in unpacking thoughts, or just want to hear from other individuals in your shoes about the challenges or even successes of BEGINNING AGAIN.

Well, if you're like me, who enjoys good dialogue, conversation and gathering with others, I have just the thing for you. Why don't you join me and my Co-Host Vanessa @ QVC: A Singles' Soiree live on Zoom Saturday the 30th @ 8PM! We'll have healthy discussions about dating, love and life. Come and be apart of the discussion!

Written by: Q. Edmonds

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