Recent Therapy Portal F.A.Q.'s

Matters of the Mind Members! 

Thank you for activating and using your Therapy Client Portal! We see appointment requests coming through already. Our team wanted to send some answers to F.A.Q.'s that have been coming through....just in case you had the same in mind! So real quick..check them out below, see if you fall into one of these questions:

Q1: Can I schedule for December 2019 appointments? 

Unfortunately, the December 2019 calendar is closed for all new appointments. You will need to begin utilizing your client portal to schedule and manage all appointments beginning January 2020

Q2: Should I click on the website link/button and schedule an appointment? 

This is a great question as it is another way for new clients to request and inquire about services. However, for all existing clients, once you have received your Welcome Email, created your client portal, please utilize this feature as it has been created just for you! Simultaneously, we are currently making changes to the "Book It" function on the website so it can coincide with our new EHR system, Therapy Notes. 

Q3: How do I specify if I want an individual or couples session when scheduling through my Client Portal? 

Recently, this request has been relayed to the programmer of The Client Portal as this option is currently not available. As we receive updates regarding this function, we will relay progress accordingly. At this time, Matters of the Mind will do an internal follow-up to solidify those members who regularly have a combination of services - individual and couple - when we see requests coming through. 


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