Therapy is KEY to Disorder

I just heard a friend of mine who recently got married say that premarital counseling was the prerequisite to even deciding if he wanted to get married. Some people think that relationship counseling is just for the married. But honestly, every relationship needs a trusted passenger in their driver seat to point out the blind spots along their journey - in this case, I am talking about therapy.  Therapy is a unique treatment intended to relieve discomfort or encourage healing within a (dis)order - Disorder is simply a state of confusion. Some of us have several relationships that are in a state of confusion and may need some direction.  Examine your relationships. As a daughter/son, do you feel unheard or that your feelings are dismissed by your parents? As a parent, do you feel emotionally and physically disconnected from your children? As a brother/sister, are you having trouble connecting or reconnecting with your sibling? Should I continue to inquire.... Oh, maybe you are having trust issues with a friend!? Or maybe you're trying to decide if you should keep investing in or if you should dissolve a long time business partnership with a friend?  If there is wavering unclarity in whatever type of relationship you find yourself in, therapy may just be the key.  I highly advise seeking out a therapist who is trained in specific areas of your need as this is closer to your journey in finding a right fit or that passenger in your driver's seat who can point out those blinds spots.   Some of us need direction in our finances - what is your relationship with money?  Some of us need clarity in our lifestyle vs a diet as we need to understand our eating habits thus being challenged to a purpose-driven way of eating. But equally important, some of us need guidance in our friendships as those blind spots will most likely be pointed out - not about them - but guess what, about YOU!!  There are countless areas that we can think of where we can use a therapeutic method to bring clarity in a particular relational situation.  As people, we thrive on relationships, on connections; therefore if these relationships are important to us, let's not rule out the alternative of therapy to make sure those relationships are running as smooth. Now I'm not saying take your favorite Starbucks cashier to a therapy session, but I am saying don't rule it out. If the relationship is that important to you and the other individual and there is a mutual investment, hey, make it happen! Are you willing to try a therapeutic approach to each relationship in your life? Will you commit to seeing a therapist to help you find the best methods? Let us hear your voice, our community wants to hear from you!

Written by: Q. Edmonds

Lead M.O.T.M. StoryTeller



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