This Friday at 12PM, MOTM goes live with Neil Alvanzo

Hey there,

I hope this message finds you in health and safety :)

In this month of May, which is Mental Wellness Awareness Month, I just wanted to share the opportunity for you to be with me tomorrow, Friday, May 22nd 2020 @ 12pm with a good friend of mine, Neil Alvanzo, Founder and Life Coach of AcceptUCoaching

We will be going Live on IG on @askcoachneil discussing the current state of being within these unprecedented times and on the flip side how one can still strive to live each day in peace and harmony within your mind, body, soul, and spirit through such concepts as "Acceptance" and "Community".

As the M.O.T.M. community shines bigger and brighter, it is my responsibility to serve you and the public within ways that can bring us toConnectingGenerations,CultivatingConversations, andCommittingto Change.

I hope to see you - if you stop by - please wave at me in the chat room :)

Peace and Blessings,

Angela Harper, Founders and CEO

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