Your Client Portal Matters!

It's Here!! It's your time to own your schedule, receive up to date information regarding your service, and more...right to your own Therapy Portal. What do I need to know? Please see below!

What’s Happening

What's Happening?! Well, Matters of the Mind has transitioned to an all inclusive Electronic Health Records System called Therapy Notes. This transition was made with you, the members and clients, "In Mind"...get it... "In Mind..Matters of the Mind.." LOL..anyway..keep reading below. Therapy Portal

TherapyPortal™ is your custom client/member portal for online scheduling and paperless intake, integrated directly into our Therapy Notes system. Effective January 1st, 2020, you will have the ability to check schedule ability, request and manage appointments, update appointment reminder settings, review, sign, complete paperwork, and more. 

Some Tips to Keep in Mind when Scheduling.....

1.Only Logged in clients/members will be able to view, schedule, cancel,and reschedule appointments. 2.  Appointments will be sent as a REQUEST for approval. 3. Appointment availability will be shown 2 months at a time. 4. Remember to read instructions thoroughly when in portal.  5. Schedule your first appointment as soon as possible for 2020!


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